Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

Aeroneers Field Rules

August 2015

Like all clubs, the Palmerston North Aeroneers does have Rules. Developed to ensure safety and avoid loss of NZMAA insurance coverage in the event of an accident, the rules also remind us to have some basic common sense as we enjoy the sport of flying Radio Controlled Models. Here are those rules accepted by the membership of the Aeroneers:

At all times the NZMAA Safety Code is to be adhered to.

  1. Respect all farming activities and stock at all times.
  2. Any contact with the property owner should be via a Committee member.
  3. When retrieving models from adjacent fields, use gates or climb the fence at a post
  4. Remove all rubbish from field, including broken aircraft parts.
  5. Recommend that you keep your speed down to 60kmph when traveling along Spur Road West.
  6. No fires allowed.
  7. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed.
  8. Smoking in designated area only.
  9. NZMAA Membership mandatory for all pilots not under the tutelage of an instructor pilot.
  10. ALL MEMBERS MUST CARRY THEIR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP CARD and show it on request of the committee member!
  11. All solo pilots must have achieved NZMAA Wings badge standard.
  12. During events,  At all times, use of the frequency board is mandatory.
  13. Be sure to check the Frequency Board to see if your channel is clear before you turn on your transmitter.
  14. Place your Aeroneers frequency clip only in the appropriate position on the frequency board.
  15. All new, repaired, or altered aircraft will be Range Checked and undergo a Safety Inspection prior to flight.
  16. Use the designated area for engine break-in and extensive adjustments and safety inspections.
  17. ALL PETROL aircraft must be started in start up poles.
  18. GLOW AIRCRAFT, it is encouraged use start up poles where possible, except for smaller wing span aircraft where the poles are too far apart.
  19. STARTING SMALLER GLOW AIRCRAFT in pit area, they must be restraind pointing out towards open field area.
  20. When starting any aircraft have spectators stand well clear.
  21. ALL  ELECTRIC aircraft must be pointing out towards to open field area when arming electric motors regardless of size.   
  22. MUFFLERS are required on all engines.
  23. One flyer per station. Flying with a spotter is recommended.
  24. Maximum of five aircraft on flight line.
  25. Take off will be from runway only.
  26. Clearly announce your intentions on take off or landing. Flight pattern based on wind direction.
  27. All flying will be done east of the flight line defined by a line along the pilot cage
  28. No high speed passes on the pilot's side of the runway.
  29. For Low Level Aerobatics, and high speed flying, the Dead Line is to be observed.
  30. Announce your intentions prior to high speed passes.
  31. No flying over pit area or spectator area.
  32. Engine to be SHUT DOWN on the runway. NO TAXIING into  the pit area.
  33. Clean up your area. If you bring it in, take it out.
  34. Keep the first 2 car parks open.  This is for the elderly, infirm and disabled.
  35. Back off the driveway into your parking spot, and drive forward out onto the driveway. (Backing in makes it easier for towing out if stuck)
  36. KEEP OFF the grass where possible!  the drive way is the access way!
  37. This also allows access to the club house to drop of models and gear before returning your vehicle to behind the imaginary black line.
  38. No parking in front of the shed.
  39. NOTE: Vehicles are not to be driven up to the pits.

This protocol has been established to ensure that club members can enjoy unrestricted safe flying, and to protect our relationship with the owner and near neighbours.

a great day flying and take care for everyone around you.